Let LDC Construction put it's knowledge to work for you

Let LDC Construction put our knowledge to work for you.

The listing bellow is a sampling of services that LDC Construction provides. Please contact us for a complete listing of services.


  • Site Supervision (Division 01000)


    Over the past two and a half decades LDC Construction has been suppliying General Contractors with onsite superintendants to manage all aspects of the building process. From coordinating subcontractors to bid procurement LDC Construction's onsite superintendants have experience in retail, restaurant and commercial projects across the nation.

    Our teams of construction professionals are specialists in the specific markets we serve, enabling us to have a clear understanding of our customer's needs and how we can effectively meet or exceed expectations. We work closely to create customized solutions to address the unique requirements of each site. LDC Construction builds strong partnerships with our customers. Our commitment to the highest quality service results in an unparalleled level of customer satisfaction.

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  • Finishes (Division 09000)

    Framing Services:

    Light-Gauge Metal Framing
    From simple interior build-outs to complex exterior framing projects, Heartland Finishes can do it all. We even install light-gauge metal trusses.

    Finishing Services:

    Acoustical Wall Panels & Ceilings
    Standard acoustical ceilings are part of our day to day installs. We also install fabric panels to help with sound control.

    Although we are not a distributor of a specific manufacturer, we have access to and can patch back and install almost any type of floor.

    Gypsum Board
    Because of the painting side of our business, we are cognizant of what it takes to produce a great finish on our drywall.

    Decorative Services:

    Decorative Ceilings
    We can install security ceilings, curved ceilings, or decorative clouds. The options are endless.

    Contact us for any of your exterior or interior painting needs.

    Durability and unique wall finishes are the two main reasons wallcoverings are used. We’ve installed wallcoverings in many different types of venues.

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  • Furnishings (Division 12000)


    LDC Construction has the ability to install all types (supply as well) of furnishings, a sample listing is below.

    Case Work
    Furnishings and accessories
    Multiple seating
    Furniture Systems
    Interiro plants and planters
    Furnishing repair and restoration

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  • Special Construction (Division 13000)


    In financial institutions security is key. LDC has a vast experience in both supplying and installing bullet proof security systems across the nation.

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“No project is so important, no service Is so urgent, that we cannot take the appropriate precautions to perform our work safely.”

At LDC Construction our commitment to safety is a key part of our business. We have developed a comprehensive safety program and we work diligently to ensure that our jobsites are safe working environments. Each employee is required to learn and implement our safety policies on a daily basis. Weekly "Safety Meetings" and quarterly companywide safety meetings keep all of LDC Construction employees well informed on the latest safety systems and techniques.

The results speak for themselves and we are proud of our approach to safety, as well as our employee's determination to create a safe environment for everyone who enters our job sites. This is why it is "SAFETY FIRST" on all projects.

Through this Safety Program we have found our sites to be a pleasant and safe environment to work in and as history proves itself as we have not had any violations of any kind.

LDC Construction commitment to "SAFETY FIRST" has proven to be very effective in every way; we will continue to strive to be the very best and research ways on how to improve our system to help educate others in order to eliminate any potential safety hazards.